Our Management Team

Professor Lisa Kewley, Director

Our Centre Director Professor Lisa Kewley became interested in astronomy after her parents in South Australia encouraged engagement with the sciences and she was influenced by a high school physics teachers and participation in school stargazing camp.

She graduated from Adelaide University with a BSc (Hons) in astrophysics, studying cosmic and gamma ray bursts in distant galaxies. She then moved to Canberra to complete her doctorate in 2002 at the Australian National University at Mt Stromlo on colliding galaxies and how it influences star formation. In 2001 she spent time at Johns Hopkins University in the USA and a post-doctoral Smithsonian Fellowship and NASA Hubble Fellowship at Harvard University in Boston. After her Fellowship, Lisa gained a Hubble Fellowship at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Hawai’i where she used the largest telescopes in the northern hemisphere to probe galaxy formation and evolution in the early Universe.

While in the US, Lisa received the 2006 Annie Jump Cannon Award and the 2008 Newton Lacy Pierce Prize for outstanding achievement in observational astronomical research, and a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for her work.

Lisa returned to ANU and Mt Stromlo in 2011 as a Professor and ARC Future Fellow for the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics. She was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 2014 and gained an ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship in 2015.

Her most recent research combines stellar evolution and photoionization models with cosmological hydrodynamic simulations to predict how the ionising radiation changes in galaxies over the last 6 billion years, and she showed observationally that the ionising radiation in galaxies changed dramatically with time. Lisa’s expertise covers both optical and radio astronomy, observation and theory, as well as understanding local and distant galaxies.

She will bring this expertise into her Theme Leader role that connect the MWA Epoch of Reionisation survey with the ionizing radiation seen in the first galaxies to understanding how the ionizing radiation evolved across cosmic time to understanding the ionizing radiation in nearby galaxies with SAMI.




Sheri joined ASTRO 3D in early 2017 and brings a wealth of senior management experience in both corporate and operational roles across a range of sectors including government, banking and property, not for profit and education.

Sheri’s key strengths in governance, strategy and policy development, business planning, resource management, financial management, performance reporting and service delivery have been acquired working for such organisations as Macquarie Bank, Westfield, Red Nose, Yass Valley Council and the University of NSW.

She has a Bachelor of Economics Degree in Accounting and Financial Management and a Masters’ Degree in Commercial Law.


Denise joined ASTRO 3D in late 2017, after three years in a similar role with the ANU’s National Security College, Crawford School of Public Policy. The college is a joint venture between the ANU and Australian Government, and conducts programs relating to national security policy including postgraduate education, executive and professional development courses, research and outreach. Denise was responsible for the development of budgets, analysis of unit costs and financial reporting for each area of the college.

Her qualifications include a Masters in Professional Accounting and she has substantial experience in both financial and management accounting, gained across the education, health and finance sectors in Australia and the UK. This experience includes financial reporting and analysis, strategic planning, budget development, implementation and analysis and policy and process development.


Ingrid joined ASTRO 3D in late 2017 after 3 years with the Inspiring Australia program in the ACT building connections to foster public participation in STEM and innovation through entrepreneurship.

Ingrid has formal qualifications in Science, Education and Gifted Education. She is skilled at developing STEM education programs, both in schools and through extracurricular programs such as STEM Sells, CSIRO’s Discovery Centre and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

She also has significant experience in developing outreach and community programs such as National Science Week events and the NSW Rivercare program.

Her role focusses on driving connections between ASTRO 3D research and the broader community through education and outreach.