Our Strategic Goals

1. Transform our understanding of the Universe and how we got here

We will conduct ground breaking new 3 Dimensional surveys alongside an observationally-driven theory program with dedicated telescope and supercomputing facilities. We will develop new data intensive astronomy infrastructure to analyse the Petabytes of data that will ensue from the Square Kilometre Array. We will translate this research into high impact publications with broad and far-reaching international dissemination of our results, through our unified and cohesive scientific collaborations and our efficient administrative structure.

2. Build and maintain the infrastructure, skills and expertise required to maximise Australia’s investment in the new era of mega-scale optical and radio telescopes

Through our research programs, skills workshops, mentoring, leadership and succession planning, we will train young Australian scientists to drive the future world-leading programs on the next generation of telescopes Through the long-term investment and continuity that ASTRO 3D provides, we will ensure that the Federal government’s investment in the Square Kilometre Array and Giant Magellan telescopes is realised.

3. Inspire, train and mentor the next generation of diverse Australian scientific leaders

We will inspire students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through new teacher education programs and our ambitious nation-wide public outreach campaigns.

4. Provide young Australian scientists with transferrable skills for the modern workforce

We will train the new generation of young Australian astrophysicists in transferable skills including data intensive science, providing a broad range of career options outside astrophysics, including market analysis, population statistics, medical science, bioinformatics, genomics, and commercial sector data analytics.

5. Create an innovation culture to facilitate the transfer and commercialisation of astronomical technology to other disciplines

We will identify fresh ideas and aid the commercialisation of new astronomical technology through our Intellectual Property and Innovation Committee, comprised of experts in commercialisation.