ASTRO 3D talent shines!

Wow – it’s been an exciting few weeks for some ASTRO 3D members!

2018 Eureka Awards finalist:

Associate Professor Alan Duffy, an Associate Investigator on the Genesis Theoretical Simulations program, from Swinburne University, is a finalist in the 2018 Eureka Prizes, He is nominated for the Celestino Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Science. Alan has the gift of being able to translate very detailed science into ideas that the everyday person with no background in science can appreciate. He is one of Australia’s “go to” scientists for all things astronomy, appearing regularly on the ABC Breakfast Show and the Project and he is in high demand for astronomy outreach events. He was also recently named Lead Scientist for the Royal Institution of Australia’s Science Channel.


Science and Technology Australia – STEM Ambassador:

Dr Simon Mutch, a Postdoctoral Researcher on the First Galaxies program, from the University of Melbourne, has been named as one of the first 10 STEM Ambassadors, by Science and Technology Australia. This program is designed to build on the success of the Science Meets Parliament program. Simon has been matched with Mr Tim Watts, Member for Gellibrand, who has expressed a desire to form stronger connections with STEM. Simon will meet regularly with Mr Watts, to connect him with the science and technology happening in his electorate and to celebrate the success of STEM in their local communities as well as in the broader Australian economy.

Simon has been working with Alan Duffy on the formation and evolution of galaxies, in particular, understanding the role that the first galaxies had in driving the Epoch of Reionisation. He uses simulations and numerical models, in particular, semi-analytic galaxy formation models.