Categories of Membership

There are 3 categories of Organisational Membership and 8 categories of individual membership within ASTRO 3D.

Individuals can represent an organisation or be an individual member of ASTRO 3D. However, in order to be a Chief Investigator an individual must represent a Collaborating Organisation with membership and in order to be a Partner Investigator an individual must represent a Partner Organisation with membership.

Post-Doctoral Researchers and Professional Staff automatically become members of ASTRO 3D – but please fill in the form with your details when you become employed.

The categories of Individual Membership are:

  • Chief Investigators ‐ CIs
  • Partner Investigators – PIs
  • Associate Investigators – AIs
  • Affiliates
  • Research Staff (Post-Doctoral Researchers)
  • Students
  • Professional Staff
  • Visitors


Conditions of Membership

All members of ASTRO 3D must:

  • support the goals, objectives and research of ASTRO 3D;
  • follow the correct process for joining, maintaining and leaving ASTRO 3D;
  • accept the right of the ASTRO 3D Executive Committee to refuse membership to any organisation or person at any time;
  • accept the legal obligations that the Administering Organisation has with the ARC;
  • abide by all ASTRO 3D policies, including those related to intellectual property;
  • accept that all disputes regarding membership will be referred to the Centre Director; and
  • accept that membership is not transferable.


The details of each type of ASTRO  3D individual membership are detailed in the Membership Policy linked below.


Membership Policy

Membership Policy

This Policy applies to all organisations and individuals who wish to become members of ASTRO 3D. Download here ●

Membership Forms

Membership Application - CI, PI, AI, Affiliate

Membership Application - Students

Membership Application - Research Staff/Post-Doctoral Researchers funded by ASTRO 3D

Membership Application - Professional Staff